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    We provide commercial Paving, residential asphalt paving, excavation, gravel base and resurfacing services in Winnipeg.

About Drive Design

With over eighteen years experience in the asphalt paving industry, the Drive Design team of professionals provides the expertise and resources necessary to design and build many unique projects. We offer a wide variety of residential and commercial services such as gravel base, bobcat services, road building, grading, driveways paving, and parking lots paving in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Our vision is to provide responsive, reliable, and consistently high quality services to our customer base. The company wide commitment to professionalism, teamwork, and consistent attention to detail has helped us achieve a high level of success.

177 Lombard Ave, 7th Fl Winnipeg MB R3B 0W5 (View Location)

Our Services

Asphalt Paving

We always use top quality materials and a wealth of industry experience to add a fresh and welcoming appearance to your property or place of business. Our services start from driveways and parking lots paving & resurfacing, road construction, pathways, sidewalks and pothole repairs. Our skilled technicians can complete any size project promptly and safely.


Repurposing lifeless, uninspiring spaces and walkways into elegant interlocked and landscaped areas will add that finishing touch to your exterior. Our years of experience in interlocking products provides us extensive knowledge in quality selection. Interlocking stones can offer timeless solutions for a variety of projects including driveways, walkways, outdoor patios, stairways, pool decks and more.

Chimney Repair Masonry

Your chimney undergoes a lot of stress over the years. From rain to snow our seasonal cycles expose a threat to your brick and mortar chimney. Severe temperatures and winds leave your chimney vulnerable to accelerated damaged compared to the rest of your home, potentially putting your family at risk for serious harm. Trust the expert masons at Home Masonry Repairs to address any issues with your chimney early on for a stable chimney that stands strong.

Step Repair

e specialize in complete concrete repair service. We can repair concrete installations no matter where it is on your property. We bring over 30 years of experience in the industry with service beyond par. Our crews are fully trained, considerate of our homeowners’ property and needs, and very courteous. We use only the best materials along with the highest industry standards.

Patios & Walkways

We take pride in everything we do, so when we install stone patios and walkways we build them to last. We install a proper depth of compacted road crush base for your application and we use quality materials to ensure your patio and walkway will last for years to come. Your imagination is our limit. Whether we are extending your entertainment space, bringing the sitting area down to ground level for more privacy or creating access pathways, we can design and install the right surface for you.

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The Office

  • Address: 177 Lombard Ave, 7th Fl Winnipeg MB R3B 0W5
  • Phone: 204-228-8635
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  • Email: info@drivedesign.ca